IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute (IAPMO BPI) is now offering cross-connection control survey services to help facilities comply with federal, state and local regulations, prevent lawsuits, and protect water systems from potentially deadly cross-connections.

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Regulations vary by jurisdiction and municipality, but most jurisdictions require property owners to have cross-connection surveys performed on a three- to five-year cycle. IAPMO BPI Survey Services is here to help fulfill that requirement.

Through a complete facility plan review, a comprehensive cross-connection inspection of the facility’s water distribution system, and a detailed report identifying the locations of all actual and potential cross-connections — including estimated costs for corrective actions — IAPMO BPI Survey Services can quickly and cost-effectively help your facility comply with regulations, and (perhaps more importantly) protect the health of facility occupants.

Our Process

  1. Complete facility plan review
  2. Comprehensive survey and inspection of new and existing potable water distribution systems, fixtures, and appliances to determine whether each water connection or outlet in the system is protected from actual or potential cross-connections between the potable water supply and sources of contamination or pollution

    These surveys inspect both isolation and containment backflow protection to identify existing, potential, and controlled cross-connection issues.

  3. After the survey and inspection is completed, a detailed report is created. This report includes:
    • Locations of all actual and potential cross-connections
    • Suggested corrections and/or modifications to a facility’s water systems
    • Recommendations for additional backflow prevention devices or assemblies that may be needed to protect the potable water supply
    • Estimated costs for implementing IAPMO BPI’s recommended corrective actions to alleviate hazards found during the surveys

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To request a quote, please contact Sean Cleary, vice president of Industry Programs and BPI Operations, at or submit a request through our contact form.

When requesting a quote, please include your contact information (name, phone number, email, address, job title), the type of facility to be surveyed, number of buildings to be surveyed, building sizes, and building types. Please also include as-built plumbing, water, and mechanical system drawings and blueprints (if available).

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Looking to Do Things Yourself and Save a Bit of Money?

In addition to complete surveying and reporting, IAPMO BPI offers cross-connection control surveyor training and certification services for facilities’ on-site personnel. This allows a facility’s on-site personnel to conduct the physical survey, while IAPMO BPI handles the administration and reporting, reducing your overall costs and adding additional value to your facility’s staff.

What are the Regulations?

Federal and state rules and regulations, based on the provisions of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Safe Drinking Water Act (SDWA), require public water systems to adopt adequate plumbing ordinances, regulations, or service agreements with provisions for proper enforcement, including surveys and inspections, to prevent cross-connections between the safe potable water system and any unsafe non-potable water. Regulations vary by jurisdiction and municipality, but most require facilities to have cross-connection surveys performed on a three- to five-year cycle.

IAPMO BPI Education

Completing a cross-connection survey is just one piece of the puzzle. At IAPMO BPI, we believe that educating building owners, managers, and staff about the survey process and its results is equally important. Additionally, IAPMO BPI can train and certify facility maintenance staff so they have a better understanding of cross-connection control, can perform backflow testing and repair, and in some cases, conduct future surveys in conjunction with IAPMO BPI or completely in house.

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The IAPMO Backflow Prevention Institute (BPI) and its Survey Services come with cross-connection control expertise unmatched by any other organization or company. IAPMO BPI staff and contracted surveyors hold multiple cross-connection control certifications and have deep knowledge and broad skills within backflow prevention, expertise in multiple model codes, and vast experience with residential, commercial, industrial, and institutional construction and maintenance projects. IAPMO BPI is the industry’s resource for all things backflow prevention and cross-connection control, including professional training exceeding the industry standards established by ASSE International and ASSE/IAPMO/ANSI Series 5000.


If you have questions, are interested in learning more about IAPMO BPI Survey Services or would like to request a quote, please contact Sean Cleary, vice president of Industry Programs and BPI Operations, at